Sunday, December 12, 2010

Drawing an illusion..

 Hey everybody! I found an interesting artist on Flickr. I'd have to admit I am really amazed by all of his artwork. Most of the photos he share are edited in Photoshop, but the illusion they produce is usually independent from digital manipulation.  Josh Sommers is an amateur photographer, and is happy to share and teach others the techniques he uses. If you are interested in how to do something, feel free to send him a message through Flickr. His Equirectangular panoramas,little planets and stereographic projections are all created using Canon Digital Rebel XTi, Canon 10-22mm lens, a Nodal Ninja 3 Tripod head, Hugin,Photoshop and Flexify. He is a Photoshop user since 1993. Below are 3 of his photos that took my attention.

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